Week 21

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Hey Oscar!

Another week has flown by - not too much has changed really! You are now more and more keen to sit up and love sitting in your Bumbo chair or on a member of your family. You have been quite clingy this week which has been really sweet, I had to carry you around in your sling so you could still see me and you kept looking at me to make sure I hadn't gone anywhere! You have been a bit unsettled with your afternoon nap and we have had quite a few tears and one day you refused to go down at all and slept in your carseat whilst I popped out.
You celebrated your first Halloween and you looked so adorable, even though you fell asleep during our little feast, you were the cutest skeleton and baby pumpkin ever! You're still doing really well with your food and have liked everything you've tried up to now, let's hope it continues!

Lots of love

Mummy xxxx

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