Week 23

Sunday, 17 November 2013

To Ozzy,

This week we have been on quite a few walks together and went on a couple of walks to the park too, you love looking around at everything now and liked all the pretty Autumn leaves! You seem to have caught the cough part of your cold and now have a rattly chest but you seem quite happy apart from that. The doctor says that you are fine, as long as your temperature doesn't go up and you seem like your normal self.
You are still doing so well with your food (apart from this morning when you kicked your tray and your breakfast all over the floor... Daddy wasn't too happy!) and you are now eating so many more flavours and more of it in general. I can't wait until we can give you food that we are eating too.
You are still doing so well with trying to sit up and you love to splash in the bath more than ever (and fart in it, ha!)  I can't believe it's been nearly half a year since you were born.

We love you more every single day.

Mummy & Daddy xxx

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