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Monday, 10 February 2014

I just thought I'd pop up a quick review of Oscar's favourite little friend. We got Ewan The Dream Sheep when I was pregnant after reading lots of 5 star reviews saying that he was a brilliant sleep aid (plus, isn't he adorable?) and we have not been disappointed.

According to the site, Ewan emits soothing sounds at a low base frequency and has a calming warm pink glow which will help settle babies and toddlers to sleep. The womb and heartbeat sounds that Ewan plays are actually recorded from real life to help make them extra soothing. He also has rain, vacuum cleaner and harp options mixed in with the heartbeat sound to provide extra reassurance. 

When Oscar arrived, Ewan was put into action straight away. Even from a few days old, Oscar enjoyed the red glow that he gives and fell asleep happily listening to the heartbeat option. We have always put Oscar down awake when we can and never soothed him to sleep on us, so Ewan has been even more important in providing reassurance and a calm atmosphere for Oscar.
To change the sounds that Ewan plays, you simply hold onto the button for  2-3 seconds on one of his legs and the sound then plays for twenty minutes - usually enough time for your little one to have drifted off. If not, just pop him back on his cycle again and you should be good to go.

Ewan also has a velcro tail so that you can hook him around a Moses Basket or cot or you can even take him on your travels with you, we've attached him to Oscar's pram a number of times when we've gone out and it helps him drift off to sleep even if we're out somewhere a little noisier than he is used to.

Now that Oscar's older, he absolutely loves playing with Ewan when he goes to bed. As soon as he's zipped into his sleeping bag he turns to look for Ewan's glow and starts stroking him. He has now also figured out how to change the options so we often hear the sounds changing on the monitor as he clicks away, haha!
When my mum and I were out shopping, we spotted Ewan Snuggly and he was purchased immediately. As soon as we showed him to Oscar, he reached out for him and started squeaking happily and I don't think I've ever seen him so excited with a toy, he was playing with him the whole car journey back and then fell asleep with him under his arm. Ewan Snuggly has knotted legs for baby to play with and he's also the perfect size for tiny hands to grasp onto easily. Plus, this little guy has a velcro tail just like his friend, so we tend to fasten him onto Oscar's dummy strap so he doesn't go astray.

Overall, Ewan has definitely been one of, if not the best purchase we've made for Oscar and I couldn't recommend him highly enough. He's been loved  from Day 1 and he's still useful as he grows up through to toddler age (maybe longer!) he also won the Mother & Baby Gold Award 2014. If you want more info about Ewan, then click here.

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