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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Now the shops are beginning to introduce the Spring range of clothes, I couldn't help but have a little browse and see what cute things I could find for Oscar. He'll be in 9-12 month clothing by the time Spring properly comes around, so this year we'll be able to be a bit more adventurous with clothes for him as he was only a newborn when it was last warm.

As usual, I had a little peek at Next's offerings and these were the few pieces that really caught my eye. Oscar hates wearing bulky clothing, so this lightweight zipped green hoody will be perfect when the weather's warmer but there's still a little breeze in the air. I thought this World Explorer t-shirt was adorable, it also has a print on the back and I love putting Oscar in brighter clothes, I think they look so cute on babies and children.
For the earlier parts of Spring, you won't go amiss with with something a little warmer - this Stone Anorak will be great for any rainy days due to being shower resistant and having a hood now that Oscar will be in a new car seat meaning he'll be carried to and from the car with no protection.
I couldn't resist these Monster jeans, I absolutely love anything with dinosaurs or monsters on for Oscar so that's how the little set of 3 t-shirts caught my eye too.
Finally, these Denim look shorts are a must, I like Oscar wearing jeans when we're going out somewhere proper but if he's just having a lazy day then it's nice for him to feel comfy in something a little softer and lighter.

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