Oscar's 9 Month Update

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Hi Oscar!

This is up a few weeks later than it should have been but things have been a bit crazy round here lately!

This month both Mummy and Daddy got new jobs which is exciting (maybe not for you now, but hopefully for your future!) I'm only working part time two days a week so I can be with you for the majority of the time and Grandma has stepped in as babysitter and is thrilled to see her "beanie man" for an extra couple of days a week.

You are growing and changing constantly and you are such a clever little boy. You love playing with the badges that I have on my work uniform and the one I have on my dressing gown which I left on from Christmas because you love it so much. You look for it straight away when I come in to you in the morning and when it's hidden, you pull my robe so that you can see and reach the badge!

You are now able to sit up unsupported for long periods of time but you prefer to recline where possible haha. You are showing a greater interest in more of your toys and are a lot quicker to reach and grab for things and can maintain interest in what you're playing with for longer than before. You are also a lot stronger on your arms and can keep yourself lifted up and you like to bounce up and down on your knees whilst leaning on someone. Today, you also stood on your own on the sofa and kept yourself upright by placing your hands on the back of the seat. I'm really starting to think you're not going to be a crawler and just go from sitting to standing and toddling in the next few months.

You have got a brand new car seat which is much bigger and more spacious for you and it is front facing which you love. You can see mummy and daddy and you love staring out of the window and watching the world go by.

You've had a bit of trouble with your teething this month and we've had to give you Calpol on a couple of nights to help you sleep but you've mostly been getting by on your teething granules which you seem to be a fan of. You pull a hilarious (I'm sorry, but it is) face when your gums are irritating you and so I know it's time to give you another sachet. I can see the little white ridges on your gums, its your two front teeth on the bottom which will be making their appearance soon!

You are still a huge fan of bath time, you kick and splash so much that we have to cover your bedroom floor with towels and even they the floor still gets wet as does everything else... Sometimes you prefer to flap your arm instead which is a lot less messy but you're like a little frog in the water, it's so cute.
You also love playing peek-a-boo with us, if we put your bib or a scarf over your head, you love to pull it off and then do a massive grin when you've done it! You also love it when one of us hides our face and then uncovers it.

Daddy kept saying that your fringe was too long and it needed a trim, so I decided to give it a little snip the other morning and I'm sorry Oscar, but it didn't come out as well as I was hoping so I'm afraid there might be a little teasing and possibly some pictures saved for embarrassing birthday cakes when you're older ;)

We love you more and more every day which we didn't think was possible! You are the best little person we could ever have wished for and so much more.


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