Oscar's 10 & 11 Month Update

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

I haven't updated on here in the longest time! I thought I'd leave it closer to the end of month 10 to do an update and then completely forgot until now, sorry Beans!

You have been an active little one recently, you have no troubles at all sitting for long periods of time all on your own and you'll happily sit on your mat for hours playing with toys. Daddy has been encouraging you to roll over and one day rolled you over on the bed and you haven't looked back! You love to roll now, although you still get your arm caught underneath you sometimes. You are great at holding yourself up on your arms and knees but haven't quite got round to thinking you can crawl just yet.

Your two little bottom teeth have finally sprouted and you are sporting the cutest little toothy grin! I think your top teeth might be bothering you as you are pulling a new face which we like to call your "Voldemort" look (who knows if you'll know who that is, ha!) but there's no real sign of them yet.

We bought you a paddling pool at the weekend as we've had some sunshine recently and you loved it. You happily splashed away all day and I can't wait until we can take you swimming properly and when you see the sea!

You're growing quite a lot at the moment and your 9-12 month clothes are starting to feel a little snug. 
You've also moved on from your stage 2 foods and are now on stage 3 which are much more "meal-like." You are not a very adventurous eater (feeding yourself) and don't have much interest at all in any bits of food put in front of you, you much prefer to be fed from a spoon. You do, however, LOVE trying lots of different flavours, some you are a fan of, others are a definite no-no.

You are starting to show when you are unhappy when something isn't what you want, tonight GD was showing you a picture book and when he took it away, you started crying. As soon as he opened it again you squealed and smiled, cheeky! You also still love watching Baby Einstein and as soon as you hear the opening music, you wave your arms and smile, it's so cute!

You have had your second haircut and you look so much more grown up now. Your hair is looking a lighter shade of blonde and I'm not sure if a wave might be making an appearance! Mummy has curly hair and Daddy had wavy hair, so it would be a surprise if you had completely straight hair, I guess we'll find out soon.

You are going to be One in two weeks time and I can't believe how quickly your first year has gone. We've already got you your presents and your cupcakes have been chosen, I can't wait for your party to celebrate a whole year of you being in our lives. 

Lots of love! xxxxxx

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