Weeks 24 & 25

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Ahh, I'm sorry Ozzy, I missed a week! Bad mother.

We were pretty busy last week, after a family hiccup meaning I spent most of the previous week at home with you with Daddy, it was the complete opposite as it was your Grandma's and Auntie's birthdays two days in a row. We were round at Grandma's every day last week and you loved it, they lavish you with attention and your little face is so cute and happy with everyone smiling at you and amusing you constantly.

We didn't do anything much on Grandma's birthday as you had a long nap and it was too late to go for our planned walk by that time but on your Auntie's birthday, we went out for lunch at a lovely restaurant (The Botanist) which was your first outing to one. Your face lit up and you stared around in wonder at all the sights and sounds around you, there were fairy lights twinkling above you which you enjoyed. You were so well behaved and just sat quietly and then went to sleep, getting admiring glances.

You've been getting more and more of an appetite and now you're getting a taste for certain foods - your favourite being strawberry and apple puree, it smells like jam and you love it! You now enjoy grabbing your feet a lot and you've started to make proper noises - some sound like mama and dada! You are so smiley and get really excited over your food and make mmm noises when you eat.

You recognise your bottle and cry when you see one, even if it's empty. You saw me drinking from a bottle and you started crying as well. You now reach out for your toys and hold them and look at them properly, you still try and eat everything though. You can also take out your dummy and put it back in and keep on flailing your arms around, it's so funny to watch!
You're still trying really hard to sit up and your neck has gotten so much stronger recently. You've moved up into your new gro bags, 6-9 month clothes and new nappy size. You're growing up so quickly, I can't believe you're 6 months old in 2 days time, it's flown by. We love you so much and more each day.

Mummy xxx

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