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Friday, 6 December 2013

Stocking (can be personalised) - £5.00
Santa Booties - £3.00

I can never resist an opportunity to dress Oscar for the occasion - I was looking forward to picking his
Halloween costume before he was even born! So I thought I'd put together my pick of Christmas cuteness to share. I spotted the All In One in store and thought it was so adorable! I want something comfy for him to wear on the day rather than being too dressed up as we're only going to be relaxing at home or at his grandparents. I already have a santa hat for Oscar that seems to be glued to his head, he looks so sweet! This elf one is just as adorable.

What are your favourite Christmas baby items?

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  1. Hello Rosy pleasure
    I really like the graphics of the blog.
    These clothes for kids are adorable ... and also your baby.

    Ps: sorry for the grammar but I do not speak English very well. = (

    See you soon


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