Week 27 & 28

Thursday, 19 December 2013

I might start changing these updates to fortnightly as although you are advancing, I'm not sure that each week will be that different from the next! We'll see :-)

In the past couple of weeks, I mentioned it in your last update but now you really reach out for everything. I bring your food in, you want it. I get my phone/camera out to film or take a picture out, you try and take it, it's so cute. You have a really determined look on your face to have it!

You are drinking 3 6oz bottles of follow-on milk a day, one 7oz bottle of juice at lunch and another two smaller bottles of juice throughout the day, you seem to enjoy having your juice and it's helping you with going to the toilet too. Of course, you are having 4 meals a day too - you have definitely inherited mummy's sweet tooth - you're still not a fan of savoury meals but love all the fruit ones.

You can now grab with two hands properly (as you can see from the photo above! Don't worry, we still feed you.) and you are very strong on your legs when we hold you up on them. I am thinking it's possible that you might not be much of a crawler as you have always hated being on your front and you might skip that bit out and go straight to walking when you're ready.

Your language comes on more every day and you have a new little selection of sounds you like to make including "adada", "daai"  "mama" and "mmmi" among lots of squeals. You still love watching Baby Einstein and this is when you make most of your noises, I think you're trying to talk to the puppets!

You will have had your 1st Christmas by your next update, how exciting is that? I'm sure Father Christmas has got lots of lovely presents for you to enjoy.

Lots of love,

Mama xxxxx

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