Tips To Help With Pregnancy Aches & Pains #1

Thursday, 10 October 2013

I know that I've now had my baby but I follow quite a lot of ladies who are currently pregnant, most for the first time. I remember feeling quite overwhelmed at first with a lot of different advice and what symptoms I may or may not have. Funnily enough, most of my symptoms were ones I was not expecting to get! Disclaimer yada yada: No, I'm not an expert or medical professional, these are just things I found worked for me and probably would be worth giving a go if you're inclined :-)
1. One of my first symptoms was probably trouble sleeping, I'd find myself constantly tossing and turning. My hips would ache after a while on either side and I could not get comfy. Add this to the crazy vivid dreams during the 2nd trimester and night times were not fun. I invested in a body pillow from Argos, not specifically for pregnancy but it did the job by wedging it between my legs and lying with my arms wrapped around it. My boyfriend wasn't too happy with the new addition but it was a lifesaver for me! The Dreamgenii also comes highly recommended but the Argos body pillow is almost half the price (I actually got mine for a tenner in a sale) and it did a great job.

2. Heartburn. I was lucky enough to not suffer majorly with this until the later weeks, week 32+ and I found that Rennies did the trick most nights although I did have to use Gaviscon a couple of times. It's best to avoid eating later at night so you can digest your food before you go to bed and also avoiding anything overly spicy (easier said than done when I started craving curries!)

3. Backache hit me suddenly one day and after that it got gradually worse. It was fine if I was lying in bed but sitting down anywhere was trouble. I got a gym ball for about £7-8 and it was a miracle worker for me. All my back ache ceased to exist when I was sat on it, although I did get fed up after a while and went to lie down, haha.

4. For the extremely late stages - being overdue. Most ladies with their first baby will tend to go overdue and you really do not feel like being pregnant any longer when you get to week 40. I know a lot of them are myths and aren't really proven to work but even so, I found that Raspberry Leaf Tea really helped bring my labour on when I was overdue. I was drinking 4+ cups a day as I struggle with tablets (you can buy it in capsule form.) Mentioned before, the birth/gym ball. This is great for bouncing and rotating your hips on to help babies head engage and get everything started.

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