Winter Clothes

Thursday, 10 October 2013

I was just browsing around looking at more baby clothes (as you do) for Ozzy. He already has quite a lot of clothes but some of it is still quite summery and he needs a few warmer items. I decided to have a look on Next as I have a few bits and pieces from there for him already and found these adorable little items. He has a coat that's 0-3 months at the moment and being 18 weeks, I'm not sure if that's going to fit him anymore... Not likely. 
I'm obsessed with dinosaurs for his nursery and all of his clothes so I couldn't not love the dinosaur jumper, so adorable. He looks great in jeans and the braces just add that extra touch. However, for those days when he's not going out and just needs some super comfy clothes, the plum coloured joggers add a bit more of an autumnal feel compared to his usual grey/navy ones and he can relax in them too.
Finally, this little snowman jumper is lovely, I already have Halloween clothes prepared for him, so I've obviously got to plan for Christmas (yes, I said it!) too.

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