Week 19

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Hi Ozzle!

I can't believe you're nearly 20 weeks old - 5 whole months! This week we've been branching out from baby rice mixed with your usual milk to trying you on a few different things. We tried you on a raspberry yogurt and a banana and peach breakfast which you did not approve of - either of them. Then we tried you on banana puree and baby rice and apple puree and you enjoyed both of them apart from a couple of faces at the beginning!
You love watching the spoon come towards your face and you open your mouth as it gets near in excitement.
You've been getting fed up in your bouncer and prefer to sit on people or play on your mat. You're not a huge fan of rolling at the moment, you only do it occasionally and tend to complain when you're on your side and want to be rolled back.
You enjoyed sitting on me and watching Baby Einstein and you kept on looking at me as you watched and smiling, it's so adorable.
Daddy is off on a long weekend this week and we are enjoying spending more time together as a family, because he works all day you only get to see him for an hour in the morning and 1/2 hours in the evening.
You have your final set of jabs on Monday which I'm not looking forward to, you were so brave last time though and only cried a little bit, I hope you're ok, I'll be glad when they're over and done with and I know you're fine.

Love you lots!


Grandad took this picture of you!

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