Week 18

Thursday, 10 October 2013

I wish that I had written about the previous 17 weeks but sadly I didn't :-( I have written a couple of entries in my paper journal though. This is taking a little bit (ok, quite a lot) of inspiration from one of my favourite bloggers, Charlotte from Write Like No One's Watching.


This week, you have still been doing really well (touch wood) sleeping through the night. We put you down at about 8.30pm and you don't get up until 8am, which is just amazing, we feel very lucky! I think it's partially down to the fact that you love to suck on your thumb now and you often spit your dummy out to have that instead!

We have spent quite a bit of time round at your Grandma & Grandad's and they love spending time with you. Grandad always has his camera out snapping pictures of you and Grandma is constantly cooing over you and singing you songs. Not to mention your Auntie, she can't keep her hands off you and steals you from your car seat as soon as you arrive.

You have definitely started teething, my poor little bean. You have adorable chubby cheeks that are bright red at times and you are always trying to chew on something, be it your hand, dummy, bib, bottle, one of our fingers or even a nose...

You have just started having one small portion of baby rice in the evenings and you are really enjoying it, opening your mouth waiting for the spoon to arrive and guzzling it all down. I'm not sure when we'll move you onto anything a little more adventurous, you seem happy with the rice for now.

You love watching TV after your morning milk and then having a little snooze before getting to roll around and kick on your playmat. You can roll on to your side now but you can't roll back and you get a little bit frustrated about this, I don't think it'll be too long before you manage it!

You have pretty much doubled in size from when you were born, and you were last weighed 3 weeks ago now, so you are probably over that now, I'm going to take you to get weighed next week.

Love you lots, little bean.

Mummy xx

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